Ukulele Web

💾 Git


🌺 UkuleleWeb is a minimalist Markdown-based wiki loosely based on the design of the original WikiWikiWeb.

Original Launch announcement:

Got frustrated with overkill wiki software and built my own WikiWikiWeb clone (< 400 LoC of Go, 3 dependencies, syntax is markdown with CamelCaseWikiLinks, 2 shell commands to install and run it). I’m using it daily for the past 2 weeks.

— gnoack (@gnoack3000) February 8, 2022


UkuleleWeb suppports a small set of features on top:

Some examples: UkuleleWebSyntax


UkuleleWeb is opinionated and minimal.

Instead of adding many features to UkuleleWeb itself, UkuleleWeb exposes its internals so that they are easy to manipulate and extend. A variety of things can be done in reverse proxies, and pages are stored as plain files on disk for easy manipulation. Each file is named like a wiki page and stores that page’s Markdown source.

Feature How to implement it
Theming Override the CSS in a reverse proxy (UkuleleWebTheming)
User Authentication Implement it in a reverse proxy
Wiki page versioning Use common version control software or file system features on the wiki’s file storage (UkuleleWebVersioning)
Special wiki pages Can be generated with shell scripts and Unix tools into the storage directory

It is good to have fewer features, because that means that UkuleleWeb is solid and stable.


Prerequisites: Unix, Go

go install
~/go/bin/ukuleleweb -store_dir=/some/emtpy/directory

This brings up a UkuleleWeb instance on http://localhost:8080/.